5 ways to improve your team’s communication in World of Warcraft’s arena

The most important thing to being successful in competitive player versus player is being vocal and ensuring your team knows exactly what is going on at all times. The following tips will help you be a more effective communicator in 3v3 arena.

Tip one – State when you enter Crowd Control

If your team is working toward creating a window for a lot of burst damage, and then you get stunned by a paladin, it is important to say something in order to preserve that burst window for a later time when everyone is able to act as a team.

If you are a healer, it is very important to mention every time you enter crowd control to ensure that your team has ample time to respond by playing defensively or popping cool-downs.

Tip two – State when you Crowd Control an enemy

As an arena player it is important to mention whenever you Crowd Control an enemy; nothing wastes cool-downs more than stunning a target for half-duration when you expected it to be full duration.

Also, it helps to mention for how long the player is crowd controlled. For instance, if you fear the target but the duration is only for half, say that you half feared them so your teammates can follow up appropriately. If you don’t say anything, your team will most likely assume that it is a full duration fear and not pay that player any attention until they deem it necessary.

Tip three – Keep the Communication Alive

Even after pointing out that my team’s communication is weak, we still go through periods of time where I don’t know what is going on with both of my teammates. If I don’t hear anything important (burst in 10 seconds… enemy popped cooldown <x>… I’m going defensive… enemy over-extending… target stunned…) I ask a question that requires a short answer from both players such as “how long until our burst?” or “need anything from me?”

I will try to keep the communication alive if I don’t hear anything from one of my teammates for about ten seconds. If nothing even semi-significant happened after ten seconds then they are playing with their eyes shut.

Tip four – Keep the Communication Neutral

It’s very easy to curse someone out for missing a crowd control, interrupt, or using the wrong skill priority when bursting. It’s also very easy to blame someone else for a mistake; especially obvious mistakes. If my partner accidentally used the wrong skill priority when bursting a target, there is no reason for me to say anything such as “hey, nice burst,” or something more aggressive such as “lear

Picking on players instead of objectively looking at the current game makes the player feel at least slightly more defensive, and also ties up communication for the rest of the game. A player on the defensive or panicking to perform properly doesn’t always perform better, and your team could also be killed while you are bickering among yourselves.

Tip five – Call out Important Events

In arena it is important to never assume that people are going to do the right thing, and it’s never alright to assume that your teammates know when everyone is popping their burst cooldowns. It is also important to track your teammate’s positioning to ensure that everyone is at least close to where they should be.

If one of your teammates gets out of position and you don’t call it, it could potentially cause your team to lose, or at least burn through a lot of cool-downs recovering. If you see all of the enemies popping their burst abilities and you don’t notify your healer, you could potentially lose the game in only a couple of global cool-downs.



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