My first day as Resto Shaman in Arena

I just leveled up a Resto Shaman to 110 yesterday, so today was my first real day playing it in an arena setting. Despite the games being completely awful, I have to admit that I had some fun. We even managed to secure some wins (In skirmishes… :P)!

We are playing the comp that has been referred to as “Walking with Madness,” “Walking in Madness,” or more commonly known as Windwalker Monk, Shadow Priest, Restoration Shaman.

This was my first game of the day on Resto Shaman. It’s definitely the funniest of the three, but also shows exactly where I am starting off from. I have a total of 3

The first game that I posted is pretty embarrassing, but still a win. I thought that I popped my cooldowns but I hadn’t, and then I almost died a couple of times. I need to work on rotating my cooldowns, but considering that I don’t even have a basic grasp of Shaman yet I think I did alright.

I’m posting this here for all of you depressed arena-goers who lost ten or twenty straight games and tanked 500 rating. At least you can say that you performed better than this.

We have a lot of things to work on as a team, and I have a lot of things to work on by myself. As long as we consistently try to get better, I know we will. The hardest part for us I think will be keeping motivation and drive high when we encounter a tough team.

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